Anna Boginskaya Live Life

Анна Богинская Жить Жизнь
About the novel "Live Life"

The 21st century, the age of open information and public knowledge, has turned manipulation into a daily reality!

If you think pickup is a quick seduction technique, you don't know anything about it. For ten years of active development, the pickup has spawned a whole generation of professional manipulators.

Men who possess the technique of total subordination of women! Their goal is beautiful and successful women! You think, "You cannot fool me!" and what if he is looking in your eyes right now? Love or Manipulation? Perfect Man or Professional Manipulator? A Happy Woman or an Obedient Doll in the hands of a Player? The heroine's story will give answers to these questions. A story that will change your life forever!
7 reasons to read the book
Live Life is more than a novel.
Live Life will warn you against pain and disappointment.
Live Life will teach you to see the mechanisms of hidden manipulations and show you how to resist them.
Live Life will help you better understand male and female psychology.
Live Life will show a relationship without the fog of illusions.
Live Life will teach you to see a sincere attitude.
Live Life is a novel about you and for you.
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Anna Boginskaya
Writer, business analyst
Author of acclaimed bestsellers Live Life, Sin of Forgiveness and Code: Reward. Her training novels are deep psychological studies presented as vivid romance novels.

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