Performance Enslavement by Love

A story that won thousands of hearts in 60 countries.
Lyric Comedy
"Enslavement by Love" — alchemy of feelings and knowledge.

Cultural performance based on the best-selling novels by Anna Boginskaya Live Life and Sin of Forgiveness.

A deep psychological study, presented as a vivid love story, is now ready to win you over on the theater stage.

Second round
September 25
Chernihiv – Shevchenko Drama Theater
September 27
Odessa – Vasylko Ukrainian Theater
September 28
Zaporizhzhia – Glinka Concert Hall
September 30
Kharkiv – Shevchenko Theater Tickets
October 1
Dnipro - Academic Theatre of Drama and Comedy
October 6
Kyiv - House of Officers
The talented performance of the actors, the modern scenery, the exciting storyline from the very first minutes, the change of touching and humorous scenes, and the unexpected ending will move everyone deeply.

Duration: 1.5 hours without intermission
Language - Russian
Anna Boginskaya
Writer, business analyst, and author of acclaimed bestsellers Live Life, Sin of Forgiveness and Code: Reward. Her training novels are a deep psychological study presented as a vivid romance novel.

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Yulia Efimenko
Sergei Mitriushin
Anna Aleksandrovich
Ivan Zhiliuk
Oksana Filonenko
Ruslan Myroshnichenko
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