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Anya is an educated and bright girl, with a successful career and a large circle of friends. The tragic death of her husband does not break the heroine - nothing will prevent her from living life. Anya manages to be completely free and independent before meeting a new chosen one. He turns out to be a professional manipulator who does not shun the most dangerous tricks. The girl understands that this cycle of unhealthy relationships in her life is not accidental. She has to "defeat" the enemy in his own cruel game.
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Cast and crew


Lyubov Aksyonova

Roman Vasiliev

Daria Moroz

Yuri Chursin

Daniel Vorobyov

Alexandra Child

Igor Gordin

Matvey Lykov

Evgeny Schwartz

Yulia Julai


Artem Aksyonenko


Vyacheslav Lisnevsky


Edward Iloyan

Denis Zhalinsky

Vitaly Shlyappo

Alexey Trotsyuk

Irina Sosnovaya

Daria Moroz


Mikhail Zubko

Anna Boginskaya

Anna Boginskaya
Writer, business analyst, and author of acclaimed bestsellers: «Live Life», «Sin of Forgiveness», «Code: Reward», «Enslavement by Love. How to get yourself back», «Healing by love. Relationships for life». Her training novels are a deep psychological study presented as a vivid romance novel.

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